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Title Demography
Alternate Title Total Population Growth [48]
Publication Date 2008-04-30
Abstract Between 1990 and 2000, an above-average population growth of 7.8% was recorded in the Alpine Convention area, compared to only 3.2% for the EU-15 countries. However, there are significant disparities between the Alpine countries and regions, and even between adjacent municipalities. Demographic, economic and social factors drive the migration process and lead to a polarization of booming and depopulated areas in urban and peripheral centres and also in major and minor valleys. Access to services, goods and places of work is more difficult for people coming from peripheral areas, which makes living outside larger agglomerations unattractive.
Purpose Interreg IIIb Alpine Space: Project DIAMONT
Status completed
Language eng
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Individual name Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tappeiner
Organisation name EURAC - Institute for Alpine Environment
Position name Head of Institute
Role originator
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Topic society
Gemet Keyword (1)
English population trend
German Bevölkerungsentwicklung
French évolution démographique
Italian tendenza della popolazione
Slovenian demografski trend
original GEMET: 6528
Gemet Keyword (2)
English human population
German Bevölkerung
French population
Italian popolazione umana
Slovenian prebivalci, prebivalstvo
original GEMET: 4056
Gemet Keyword (3)
English demographic development
German Demographische Entwicklung
French croissance démographique
Italian sviluppo demografico
Slovenian demografski razvoj
original GEMET: 2055
Gemet Keyword (4)
English demography
German Demographie
French démographie
Italian demografia
Slovenian demografija
original GEMET: 2060
Gemet Keyword (5)
English GEMET - GEneral Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus
Spatial Data
Representation textTable
Temporal extent
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Timeframe Begin: 1990 End: 2002
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Scope level nonGeographicDataset
Lineage statement AT Statistik Austria (1991/2001): Volkszählung (data provided via GALPIS).
CH Bundesamt für Statistik (1990/2000): Eidgenössische Volkszählung.
DE Bayrisches Landesamt für Statistik und Datenverarbeitung (1987/2001): Fortschreibung des Bevölkerungsstandes.
FR INSEE (1990/1999): Recensement de la population.
IT ISTAT (1991): 13° Censimento generale della popolazione e delle abitazioni. ISTAT (2001): 14° Censimento generale della popolazione e delle abitazioni.
LI Amt für Volkswirtschaft (1990/2000): Volkszählung.
SI Statistični urad Republike Slovenije (1991/2002): Popis prebivalstva.
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Individual name Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tappeiner
Organisation name EURAC - Institute for Alpine Environment
Position name Head of Institute
Role originator