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Title Agricultural structure
Alternate Title Change in Used Agricultural Area [35]
Publication Date 2008-04-30
Abstract In recent decades, mountain agriculture has lost much of its significance. The main reasons for this are unfavourable conditions such as a shortened vegetation period and difficult terrain with steep slopes and small arable plots, which incur higher production costs. Mountain agriculture can therefore not compete in national and international markets. Thus, from the 1950s onwards, marginal land with low yields has successively been taken out of agricultural use.
Purpose Interreg IIIb Alpine Space: Project DIAMONT
Status completed
Language eng
Responsible party
Identification of, and means of communication with, person(s) and organization(s) associated with the resource(s).
Individual name Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tappeiner
Organisation name EURAC - Institute for Alpine Environment
Position name Head of Institute
Role originator
Provides category keywords, their type, and reference source.
Topic economy
Gemet Keyword (1)
English agricultural management
German Agrarmanagement
French gestion agricole
Italian gestione agricola
Slovenian kmetijsko gospodarjenje
original GEMET: 208
Gemet Keyword (2)
English environmental policy
German Umweltpolitik
French politique de l'environnement
Italian politica ambientale
Slovenian politika varstva okolja, okoljska politika
original GEMET: 2892
Gemet Keyword (3)
English agriculture
German Landwirtschaft
French agriculture
Italian agricoltura
Slovenian kmetijstvo
original GEMET: 232
Gemet Keyword (4)
English employment
German Beschäftigung
French emploi
Italian impiego
Slovenian zaposlitev, služba
original GEMET: 2683
Gemet Keyword (5)
English GEMET - GEneral Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus
Spatial Data
Representation textTable
Temporal extent
Date and time for the content of the dataset.Non-continuous and varying in the different countries.
Timeframe Begin: 1988 End: 2001
Data quality
Provides overall assessment of quality of a resource(s).
Scope level nonGeographicDataset
Lineage statement AT "Statistik Austria (1990): Land- und Forstwirtschaftliche Betriebszählung.
Statistik Austria (1999): Agrarstrukturerhebung."
CH Bundesamt für Statistik (1992-1997): Arealstatistik
DE Bayerisches Landesamt für Statistik und Datenverarbeitung (1992/2001): Allgemeine Agrarstrukturerhebung.
FR Agreste (1988/2000): Recensement agricole, special analysis.
IT ISTAT (1991/2000): Censimento generale dell'agricoltura.
LI "Amt für Volkswirtschaft (1990): Liechtensteinische Landwirtschaftszählung.
Amt für Volkswirtschaft (2000): Landwirtschaftliche Betriebszählung."
SI Statistični urad Republike Slovenije (2000): Popis kmetijstva.
Distribution Info
Information about the distributor of and options for obtaining the resource.
Format csv
Distributor address
Party from whom the resource may be obtained. This list need not be exhaustive.
Individual name Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tappeiner
Organisation name EURAC - Institute for Alpine Environment
Position name Head of Institute
Role originator