General Data
Name of instrument Alpine Plan (= Alpenplan)
Country DE
Spatial level federal state
Type Spatial planning instrument
Subtype Formal planning instrument
Description As part of the Bavarian Spatial Development Program (= Landesentwicklungsprogramm Bayern), the Alpine Plan formulates binding restrictions regarding spatial development (particularly in the tourism sector) in the German part of the Alps. The plan zones the German Alpine region into three zones with the following limitations: - Zone A (comprising 35% of the German Alpine region): In general new development is acceptable - Zone B (comprising 23% of the German Alpine region): New construction of traffic infrastructure (roads and cablecars) only in complicance with strict regulations - Zone C (comprising 43% of the German Alpine region): Construction of new traffic infrastructure prohibited (exempt are "necessary measures for agriculture and forestry")
General objectives Preservation of unintersected areas in the German Alpine region. Containing the sprawl of ski tourism-related infrastructure.
General objectives keywords nature conservation; risk mitigation;
Responsible Federal state/Province authority
Stakeholder Involved Regional authority;
Reference Landesentwicklungsprogramm Bayern 2006. Part B Appendix 5.
General assessment of strength and weakness Strength:
- strong legal status and strict reglementations regarding land take for infrastructure
- well established among political decision makers and planners
- simple and easily understandable

- mainly addresses tourism-related infrastructure
Date of entry 22/02/2007
Legal status mandatory for responsible body AND mandatory for end-user
Extension all municipalities
Comment All Alpine municipalities are obliged to comply with the stipulations of the Alpine Plan.
Type of monitoring none
Preconditions for implementation
General comment Please note that the delimitation of the Alpine area in the Alpine Plan differs from that of the Alpine Convention. It is much more limited to the immediate morphological mountain area.
Status strong direct relevance
Ranking 5
Remark -
Status municipal administration. Local economy, environmental NGOs, municipal residents, superordinate administrations
Ranking 5
Status Implemented on federal state level for the entire Bavarian Alpine region
Ranking 0
Remark Part of the Bavarian Spatial Development Programme and therefore a planning scheme that needs to be considered on local level.
Status (Planning)legislation, Political will
Ranking 4
Remark -
Status Direction of effect, type of effect, acceptability, perpetuity
Ranking 4
Remark -