General Data
Name of instrument Municipal plan of protection and management of the natural, agricultural and forest spaces (Schéma communal de protection et de gestion des espaces naturels, agricoles et forestiers)
Country FR
Spatial level local
Type Voluntary approaches and agreements / cooperation
Subtype Voluntary cooperation and commitments, not legally binding
Description To protect better and manage the living environment, the exceptional natural spaces and landscapes, the agriculture and the variety of the biological balances which are a part of the natural heritage, communities can take the iniative to lead a global and preliminary reflection to the revision of urban planning documents. Main issues for these municipal plans of protection and management of the natural, agricultural and forest spaces are to make it possible to develop complementarities between various land uses instead of competition, and define for it tools and necessary actions to maintain this balance. The plans will be prepared by pre-studies (inquiries, collection of the data, the diagnosis) leading to identify the scenarios, which will result in drafting prescriptions for a program of actions, to finalize through developing a communication strategy aiming at dialogue with the public.
General objectives Better reconcile urban development, environmental protection and preservation of a dynamic agriculture. Today these three uses are in unfair competition in favour of the urbanization. It is advisable to stop the urban sprawl and better to contain it to the advantage of the natural, forest and agricultural zones
General objectives keywords urban development; nature conservation; preservation of farmland;
Responsible Local authority/Municipal council
Stakeholder Involved Associations/interest groups; NGO;
Reference CIPRA best practices guidebook
General assessment of strength and weakness Local initiative which can be seen as an example of best practice and is supported both by the State, the Région and the Département
Date of entry 2007/03/14
Legal status not-mandatory for responsible body AND not-mandatory for end-user
Extension pilot status
Type of monitoring none
Preconditions for implementation
Best practise example Schéma communal de protection et de gestion des espaces naturels, agricoles et forestiers de la ville de Gap
Example Abstract Example or raising awareness instrument, that prepares the implementation of local Agenda 21
General comment
Status very strong direct relevance
Ranking 5
Remark -
Status -
Ranking 0
Remark as it was only one pilot project the general acceptance can not be estimated
Status -
Ranking 2
Remark -
Status Know-how, political will, participation/support
Ranking 3
Remark -
Status Direction of effect, type of effect, acceptability
Ranking 3
Remark Assessment difficult as instrument is still in pilot phase