General Data
Name of instrument AGEMONT Ltd (Agency for the Economic Development of Mountain Areas of FVG Region)
Country IT
Spatial level local
Type Voluntary approaches and agreements / cooperation
Subtype Regional management
Description AGEMONT is a (public) limited company founded by Friuli Venezia Giulia Region according to Regional Law 36/1987. The operative areas of AGEMONT are the following: - Centre for Technological Innovation: Integrated system addressed to companies featuring highly technological activities and highly qualified laboratories. It should ease constant interaction between the system of small and medium-size enterprises on the one hand, and the world of research and universities on the other. From this point of view, the Technological Innovation Centre represents a reference-point in the development of small and medium-size enterprises in mountain regions. - Service Centre: It provides advanced effective services within the fields of technological and administrative innovation. - Finance: Instruments of financial engineering aimed at supporting the start-up and reinforcement of enterprises in mountain regions. In order to carry out its financial activities, AGEMONT counts on two main intervention tools: 1- Guarantees for mid-term loans: these guarantees are issued esp. in case of loans destined to investment programmes; 2- Temporary participation in company capital acting either as minority shareholder in case of joint-stock companies or as subsidising partner in case of co-operative companies.
General objectives The main objective is to increase the competitiveness of enterprises by encouraging the use of innovative consultancy services. Generally speaking, the aim of the company is to promote the creation of new enterprises and encourage the development of human capacity and material resources of the mountain region, by means of:
- Research and planning for the development of new economic activities with special reference to the ones featuring an intersectoral nature;
- Promotion of local entrepreneurs and attraction of entrepreneurs from outside the area;
- Technical and consultancy services on organisation and management addressed to businesses relocating to the mountain region;
- Organisation and implementation of training and professional updating courses aimed in particular at satisfying the demand for qualification from the entrepreneurs and managers of the companies already present in the mountain region;
- Financial engineering operations;
- National and regional community projects linked to the mountain region.
General objectives keywords economic development; innovation; enterprise creation;
Responsible Regional authority
Stakeholder Involved Associations/interest groups; Private individuals; Entrepreneurs/businessmen;
General assessment of strength and weakness Strength: the company's legal status should allow more flexible management of operations.
Weakness: lack of public participation in decision-making and programming processes.
Date of entry 2007/07/25
Legal status not-mandatory
Extension frequent (<50% and >25%)
Type of monitoring Qualitative / descriptive reporting
Preconditions for implementation
Best practise example MBI PROJECT
Example Abstract Among the numerous projects administered by the Agency, the MBI project represents an interesting financial instrument to support start-up of new business activities in the mountain region, thanks to the associated Action 2.5.2 of Docup Objective 2 2000-2006. This action provides contributions and loans for new entrepreneurial activities settled in the mountain area . The Region grants these loans according to “de minimis” rules.(more info
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