General Data
Name of instrument Building order (= Baugebot)
Country DE
Spatial level local
Type Laws and regulations
Subtype Legal codes
Description The building permit is being limited to a certain period to ensure that zoned land is being put to its planned purpose within considerably short time. If not implemented, the building permit expires. Building permits that include time limits help prevent speculation and contribute to mobilising inner-urban potentials. Often, municipal representatives accomplish the activation of unused private land even by announcing land owners that the instrument of building order could be applied.
General objectives Rapid implementation of local development plan. Mobilisation of building potentials within zoned land. Minimise land speculation.
General objectives keywords land development; mobilisation of zoned land; brownfield development; building regulation; ;
Responsible Local authority/Municipal council
Stakeholder Involved Private individuals; Lawyers; Judicial branch;
Reference Runkel, P. (2002): Wohnbaulandmobilisierung als Element der Flächenhaushaltspolitik. In: Zeitschrift für Umweltrecht, Sonderheft 2002, S. 142.
General assessment of strength and weakness Strength: Effective regulation to mobilise zoned brown- and greenfield potentials.
Weaknesses: Accruing costs for realising zoned purpose have to be within reasonable limits for the property owner. Otherwise, the municipality is obliged to purchase the plot at market price, which can amount to a considerable burden for the municipal budget.
Date of entry 29.01.2007
Legal status not-mandatory for responsible body, BUT mandatory for end-user
Extension frequent (<50% and >25%)
Comment Building orders are one of the most frequently used tools for mobilising zoned construction potentials in Germany.
Type of monitoring none
Preconditions for implementation
Best practise example Traunsteiner bzw. Weilheimer Modell (cp., pg. 70)
Example Abstract Real estate owner signs a contract with the municipality, committing to develop the respective plot of land according to certain principles and within a certain time period, otherwise the land will fall back to the municipality or the building permit expires.
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Ranking 5
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Status municipal councils, environmental NGOs, superordinate administration
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