General Data
Name of instrument Regional Development Programme (Regionalni razvojni program)
Country SI
Spatial level regional
Type Spatial planning instrument
Subtype Formal planning instrument
Description The basic document at the regional level, which entails developmental advantages of the region and financially evaluated programs and subprograms. The program includes the key actors of economic and social development in the region. The introduction of this program is in line with the State Development Programme. The plan consists of a strategic and an executive part. The strategic part includes: problem analyses for each sector separately and the region as a whole, definitions of development problems, priorities and goals, evaluation of necessary financial means, indicators for monitoring the progress while realising goals, etc. The executive part is comprised of the description of programmes and subprogrammes and responsible institutions for these programmes. Basis principles on which the plan is based on are: - enforcement of sustainable development principles; - stimulation of transborder international cooperation.
General objectives Objectives are:
- increasing the innovativeness in the economy;
- promotion of education and knowledge dissemination;
- increase social capital for further development of spirit of entrepreneurship, innovations in economy;
- development of excellency and competiteveness in tourism;
- retaining of settlement of countryside;
- best possible environmental protection and sustainable spatial development;
- to improve infrastructure equippation of the region.
General objectives keywords socio-economic development; land development; settlement pattern;
Responsible others
Stakeholder Involved Associations/interest groups; Planners; Private individuals; NGO; Citizen groups; Entrepreneurs/businessmen;
General assessment of strength and weakness It is a good base for coordinated development. All spheres of civil society were included into its formulation so it reflects needs, wishes and requirements of all interest groups.
It lacks clear strategy and is a sum of partial interests. It is too widely extended and individual projects are not connected into a fine-tuned strategy.
Date of entry 2007/04/10
Legal status not-mandatory
Extension all municipalities
Comment It is difficult to asses if it is mandatory or not. It is mandatory if a municipality and other public service sector legal body applies for state funds, but it is not mandatory for a private enterprise at all.
Type of monitoring Mixture of quantitative and qualitative reporting
Preconditions for implementation It is a very ambitious program without supporting funds. In a case of huge amount of money it could be feasible.
General comment It is actually a list of wishes all participating municipalities. It is a relatively new instrument in Slovenia so it was devised too widely. The individual projects are not connected into coherent and balanced action.
Ranking 2
Remark Given its broad and non-binding character, the regional development plan appears to have little relevance for the issue of sustainable land ressource management.
Ranking 4
Ranking 1
Ranking 4
Ranking 2