General Data
Name of instrument Protected agricultural zone (Zone agricole protégée - ZAP)
Country FR
Spatial level local
Type Spatial planning instrument
Subtype Formal planning instrument
Description The ZAP are agricultural zones of which safeguarding is of general interest because either of the quality of their production, or of their geographical situation. These ZAP can be instituted on the initiative of the Préfet or of one or more communes and become effective only after the publication of a decree signed by the Préfet. The delimitation of these zones is ordered by the Préfet and is annexed in the PLU within the framework of public utility easements affecting the land use. If the ZAP is located in an area without urban planning document, assigned change in mode of occupation of agrarian land which deteriorates the agronomic, biological or economic potential durably, is allowed only on justified decision of the Préfet, in the event of unfavourable report of the Chamber of agriculture or the departmental commission of orientation of agriculture (CDOA). In periurban area, the ZAP can make it possible to protect the agricultural zones when agriculture is not able any more to resist the urban pressure and that its maintenance meets an aim of general interest with regard to the safeguarding of agricultural space, landscape or environment. Referring to landscape issues, the ZAP can in particular make it possible to preserve green cuts between residential areas.
General objectives To protect the agricultural zones threatened of disappearance by the urbanization by taking of account influences of the projects on the farms, the quality of life of the population and the quality of the landscapes
General objectives keywords preservation of farmland;
Responsible National authority
Stakeholder Involved Local authority/Municipal council; Associations/interest groups;
Reference Farm Outline Act law of July 9th, 1999
General assessment of strength and weakness The ZAP set up the "agricultural vocation" of a territory in "constraint of public utility" withdrawing it from the risks coming from changes in land uses. However, this recent tool was put very little in practice and is still experimental, thus no assessment has been made.
Date of entry 2007/02/16
Legal status not-mandatory for responsible body, BUT mandatory for end-user
Extension pilot status
Comment One "best practice" experience of implementation of ZAP in the Alps: see
Type of monitoring none
Preconditions for implementation
General comment
Status very strong direct relevance
Ranking 5
Remark designed to protect agricultural zones against urban pressure
Status -
Ranking 0
Remark pilot status: acceptance not yet assessable
Status -
Ranking 2
Remark -
Status Legislation, Know-how, Political will
Ranking 3
Remark -
Status -
Ranking 0
Remark Due to pilot status difficult to assess