General Data
Name of instrument Local Development Plan (= Bebauungsplan)
Country AT
Spatial level local
Type Spatial planning instrument
Subtype Formal planning instrument
Description Each municipality has to enact a development plan for building land and special areas. The "Bebauuungsplan" is developed on the basis of the land use plan and is proclaimed as a decree of the municipality. It commits formal elements of buildings and the course of streets. The assignment of the development plan defines the basic site development as well as the detailed regulation of building complexes and individual parts of structures. The concentrations of buildings are determined as concentrated construction dimensions or concentrated building development or in a combined matter. The concentrated building development can be separately determined for over ground and underground building constructions. The following measurements are also determined: street building lines, construction building lines, construction limit lines, floor limits, wall height towards the street, wall height towards the valley etc.
General objectives The development plan gives the municipalities control over urban development as well as over land use in terms of concentrated construction dimensions or concentrated building development.
General objectives keywords building land; land development; building regulations;
Responsible Local authority/Municipal council
Stakeholder Involved Local authority/Municipal council;
General assessment of strength and weakness Strength:
Very useful; absolute hold on all new and old buildings.

Weakness: high planning effort
Date of entry 22.03.2007
Legal status mandatory
Extension all municipalities
Comment Has to conform primarily to the spatial planning plan, the local spatial planning concept and the Tyrolean spatial planning law. It is to be used at the earliest simultaneously with the spatial planning plan.
Type of monitoring Mixture of quantitative and qualitative reporting
Preconditions for implementation
General comment
Status strong direct relevance
Ranking 5
Remark -
Status municipal administration. Local economy, environmental NGOs, municipal residents, superordinate administrations
Ranking 5
Status -
Ranking 5
Remark Legal requirement
Status Budget, Staff, Legislation, Know-how
Ranking 2
Remark Either budget or staff costs accrue, depending if the drafting of the plan is outsourced to a private consultant.
Status Direction of effect, type of effect, acceptability, perpetuity
Ranking 4
Remark As the Local Development Plan is very specific in its guidelines, the effects are rather easy to steer.