General Data
Name of instrument Housing aid (Wohnbauförderung)
Country AT
Spatial level federal state
Type Economic instruments
Subtype Subsidies and local business development
Description The housing aid is a controlling instrument for many sociopolitical areas by offering diverse subsidies in terms of low-interest-loans, benefits and grants to make the basic need of housing more affordable for the Tyrolean population
General objectives It is deemed to be a very important, sociopolitical goal to provide the Tyrolean population with affordable and high-quality accomodation. Wherease single familiy houses are still receiving funding, additional funds are given for densely constructed or localised houses (twin houses, row houses or group houses), if they are built as part of a housing estate and the property fraction per home, which is meant for the satisfaction of a regular housing need, does not exceed 400 m².
General objectives keywords provision of living space for families and locals; building land; ;
Responsible Federal state/Province authority
Stakeholder Involved others;
General assessment of strength and weakness Creates affordable living space and boosts concentrated design
Date of entry 22.03.2007
Legal status not-mandatory
Extension very frequent (> 50 % municipalities)
Comment widely spread, everyone can apply
Type of monitoring Mixture of quantitative and qualitative reporting
Preconditions for implementation
General comment
Status strong direct relevance
Ranking 5
Remark -
Status municipal administration. Local economy, environmental NGOs, municipal residents, superordinate administrations
Ranking 5
Status -
Ranking 4
Remark -
Status Budget, political will, legislation
Ranking 3
Remark -
Status Acceptability, perpetuity
Ranking 2
Remark Direction and type of effect are not steerable or counterproductive in the sense of sustainable land resource management.