General Data
Name of instrument Compensation for non realization of parking bays (Participation pour non réalisation d'aires de stationnement)
Country FR
Spatial level local
Type Economic instruments
Subtype Access fees / supply fees
Description It is about a tax penalty founded by the town council or the intercommunal cooperation structure which is to be paid in the event of technical impossiblity, for the petitioners of permit building, to carry out a number of parking bays in conformity with the regulations of the local urban planning document (PLU), on the ground of plate of construction or close to it. However, the petitioners can be exempted obligation to respect the standards of parking imposed by the urban planning document: - while justifying, for the parking bays which it cannot carry out itself, of obtaining one long-term concession in a public park of existing parking or under development or of the acquisition of places in a private park of parking existing or under development; - by paying to the commune a participation fixed by deliberation of the town council and whose amount cannot exceed a limit which was in November 2002 of 12585,50 euros per parking bay. The product of the participation for nonrealization of parking bays must be affected with the realization of public parks of parking. This participation is restored if the commune did not affect it to the realization of public parks of parking within 5 years as from the payment.
General objectives Incite the petitioners of permit building to carry out a sufficient number of parking bays in conformity with the local urban planning document
General objectives keywords planning principles;
Responsible Local authority/Municipal council
Stakeholder Involved Entrepreneurs/businessmen; Private individuals; Entrepreneurs/businessmen;
Reference Urban planning code
General assessment of strength and weakness Is another example of sanction envisaged in the event of nonrespect of the obligations envisaged in the urban planning documents
Date of entry 2007/03/15
Legal status not-mandatory for responsible body, BUT mandatory for end-user
Extension rarely (< 25%)
Comment no precise information about the extension, is possibly just anecdotic
Type of monitoring none
Preconditions for implementation
General comment
Status weak indirect relevance
Ranking 2
Remark -
Status -
Ranking 0
Remark the instrument is rarely implemented, no information about acceptance
Status -
Ranking 3
Remark -
Status Legislation, political will
Ranking 4
Remark -
Status Perpetuity
Ranking 1
Remark Direction and type of effect unclear, it is not a strategy to implement a polluter-pays-principle in urban planning of parking facilities