General Data
Name of instrument De-sealing concepts and programmes (= Entsiegelungsprojekte und -programme)
Country DE
Spatial level local
Type Economic instruments
Subtype Subsidies and local business development
Description De-sealing concepts and programmes mostly require municipal access to plots in terms of decision making. Therefore, they are mainly carried out on municipal property, e.g. in the form of the ecological compensation measure (cp. specific entry in database). Other concepts include public subsidies for private soil de-sealing as financial incentives as well as the legal requirement of brownfield de-sealing/de-sealing of installations that are no longer in use according to §179 BauGB (Federal Building Code on Construction). The legal requirement of de-sealing (= Rückbaugebot) , however, is not broadly being implemented as it involves financial compensation for the respective land owners.
General objectives Reducing share of sealed surface, reducing surface runoff and consequently municipal costs
General objectives keywords municipal infrastructure costs;
Responsible Local authority/Municipal council
Stakeholder Involved Private individuals; Entrepreneurs/businessmen;
General assessment of strength and weakness Strength: Voluntary approach that rewards private initiative
Weakness: No broad effect as it is voluntary and financial incentives are rather neglectable
Date of entry 09/05/2007
Legal status not-mandatory for responsible body AND not-mandatory for end-user
Extension rarely (< 25%)
Comment Legal status concerns voluntary concepts, mandatory deconstruction or desealing would be mandatory for responsible body and for end user
Type of monitoring none
Preconditions for implementation Budgets and political will Legislation in the case of mandatory requirement
Best practise example Municipal contest for de-sealing and urban greening of industrial areas and private backyards / Municipality of Karlsruhe (DE)
Example Abstract The municality of Karlsruhe is carrying out contests for de-sealing and urban greening of industrial areas and private backyards.
Attachment Karlsruhe_Wettbewerb_zur_Durchgr%C3%BCnung_von_Gewerbefl%C3%A4chen_1178723151686.htm
General comment Beyond the two mentioned concepts, de-sealing aspects can also be part of local land use planning, local development planning and other planning instruments.
Ranking 4
Status Municipal administration, local economy, NGOs, municipal residents, superordinate administrations
Ranking 5
Remark Lower acceptance in the case of mandatory de-sealing and deconstruction
Ranking 2
Status budget, political will, (legislation)
Ranking 4
Remark Legislation only in the case of mandatory de-sealing
Status direction of effect, type of effect, acceptability, perpetuity
Ranking 4