General Data
Name of instrument Municipal Master Plan (Piano Regolatore Generale)
Country IT
Spatial level local
Type Spatial planning instrument
Subtype Formal planning instrument
Description The instrument governs construction within a given municipality territory. It may concern several neighbouring municipalities and contains specifications concerning different land uses admitted within the area of scope: It also contains: - infrastructural networks - municipal land zoning - identification of public open spaces - identification of public building areas. Note that the standard implementation procedure of Italian spatial planning tools comprises a phase (typically lasting 60 days), after an initial Adoption ('Adozione') and before the final Approval ('Approvazione'), during which stakeholders and citizens can submit their comments.
General objectives Orient urban development. Avoid real estate speculation. Ensure provision of adequate public services.
General objectives keywords planning principles; urban development; building land; municipaln land policy;
Responsible Local authority/Municipal council
Stakeholder Involved Planners;
General assessment of strength and weakness Strength: Mandatory for all concerned operators.
Weakness: Subject to pressure from organised lobbies.
Date of entry 2007/04/04
Legal status mandatory for responsible body AND mandatory for end-user
Extension very frequent (> 50 % municipalities)
Comment Monitoring: Federal/regional level
Type of monitoring Qualitative / descriptive reporting
Preconditions for implementation
Best practise example Oltris and Voltois Masterplan (Carnia, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region)
Example Abstract Stemming from the Memorandum of Understanding for the Protection and Conservation of the Architectural-Historical Heritage of Carnia, the Masterplan foresees the reconversion of two small mountain settlements through the creation of a Hotel-Lodgings Network System. The aim is to reconvert a social and economic system that will be deeply transformed as a consequence of the recovery of deteriorated and abandoned real estate heritage addressing it to tourist use.
General comment
Status very strong direct relevance
Ranking 5
Remark -
Status municipal administration. Local economy, environmental NGOs, municipal residents, superordinate administrations
Ranking 5
Status -
Ranking 4
Remark -
Status Budget, staff, legislation, know-how
Ranking 2
Remark -
Status Direction of effect, type of effect, acceptability, perpetuity
Ranking 4
Remark -