General Data
Name of instrument Building Land Acquisition Fund (= Bodenbeschaffungsfonds)
Country AT
Spatial level federal state
Type Economic instruments
Subtype Voluntary, but binding contracts
Description Private limited company, which buys building land to prevent speculations and to resell it under strict/specific requirements. Originally for housing development only, nowadays approximately 1/3 for business parks or the like.
General objectives Cheap building land for public housing development and projects of public interest with the main focus on regional development. One important aim is to force municipalities for overall/comprehensive developmental strategies.
General objectives keywords land development; land stock; building land; urban development;
Responsible Federal state/Province authority
Stakeholder Involved Private individuals; Local authority/Municipal council;
Reference see attachment
General assessment of strength and weakness The main advantage of the building land acquisition fund is that it is subject to private law. Thus building land can only be bought if all wishes of the funds are taken care of, which can go as far as choosing a specific architect. Weakness: under tight fiscal law which limits the possibilities to act
Date of entry 22.03.2007
Legal status not-mandatory
Extension all municipalities
Comment The building-land-acquisition fund was and is involved in all municipalities and therefore it has an enormous spatial impact.
Type of monitoring Mixture of quantitative and qualitative reporting
Preconditions for implementation Correspondent to the TROG (Tyrolean law of regional planning) and the conception of the building-land-aquisition fund
Best practise example Business park of Aldrans/Sistrans/Lans
Example Abstract Enabling the joint business park of Aldrans/Sistrans/Lans No official statements. Oral information provided by the chairman of the fund: Due to the influence of the building-land-acquisition-fund, a business park for three municipals could be realised on an appropriate site because individual projects could be eliminated. This regional development project achieved substantial synergetic effects.
General comment An established instrument which already left a great impact in the field of regional development and counts as one of the strongest engines for regional development.
Status very strong direct relevance
Ranking 5
Remark -
Status municipal administration. Local economy, environmental NGOs, municipal residents, superordinate administrations
Ranking 5
Status -
Ranking 5
Remark -
Status Budget, legislation, Know-how, political will
Ranking 2
Remark -
Status Direction of effect, type of effect, acceptability, perpetuity
Ranking 4
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